Ed Robertson is a twenty-year-old student. He is in his first year  at the local community college. He is pursuing the course to become an elementary school teacher. He is single and works part-time delivering pizzas.
Robertson is arrested for sexual assault and torture of a seventeen-year-old high-school student. Robertson claims that the victim consented to the sexual act, but later began to cry. He hit her to prevent her from crying and making a scene. He blames her for the incident and claims that he is the victim. Robertson has been convicted despite his plea of not guilty.
He has no prior adult criminal record; however, he has two prior involvements in the juvenile justice system. While he was being investigated, several neighbors reported him for mistreating cats and dogs on numerous occasions.
You are the probation officer who has been assigned this case. You are required to prepare and submit a PSI report to the trial judge that includes the following:
• The defendant’s criminal history
• Description of the present offenses involved
• Sources of information
• Criminal orientation
• Defendant’s explanations for his conduct
• Personal and family background
• Educational and employment background
• Health
• Sentencing options and recommendations
• Correctional plan for the defendant with justifications
Justify your recommendations giving appropriate reasons. Support your answer with the help of research and examples. Your report should be in proper format for a long-form PSI report.
Conduct an internet search of government and career sites (e.g. bls.gov, jobs.com, monster.com, etc) to locate recent information on the career prospects for Probation Officers. Present your findings, including related job titles, potential employers, a summary of this job function, the education and experience required to qualify for this position, and the average salary one could expect to earn.

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