Auditory Illusions: Is that what they are really singing?
Auditory Illusions: Is that what they are really singing?
Step 1: To test out auditory illusions, please select a song where you have consistently heard the lyrics different than they actually are. For example, if you click on and listen to: Rolling Stones, it may sound like the Rolling Stones are singing in the chorus: “I’ll Never Be Your Pizza Burger.” Instead, they are actually saying: “I’ll Never Be Your Beast of Burden.”
Step 2: Type the name of the song you selected in the “Subject Line” of your discussion post. Step 3: Type the lyrics or part of the song as you hear it. You may include a link to the song if your choose. Next, type the part of the song as it is. In other words, follow my example in Step 1. Step 4: To explain auditory illusions, please answer the following two questions with at least *two sentences* each:
Personal experiences and expectations can lead to misperceptions of song lyrics. Describe song lyrics that you have misperceived (either from the above list or another song). Explain the aspects of yourself that may have contributed to your misperception or auditory illusion.
Describe any relevant aspects of the singer, instrumentation, orchestration, or song arrangement that might lead a listener to not clearly understand the correct lyrics.

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