Psychology Class

Psychology Class


Instructions In our reading this week, we learned about the processes of sensation and perception. Although they are two different processes, one often has an impact on the other.

Some individuals aren’t aware of how much they rely on vision or hearing in their everyday lives, versus others who have vision or hearing impairments who may rely more heavily on their other senses and perceive the world differently than others. Please choose ONE option below for either diminishing your vision or hearing with the goal of becoming more conscious of the relationship between sensation and perception. Note: Please be very careful when performing these activities. I suggest doing them in a familiar environment, such as your home, and having a companion present. Option 2: Hearing Spend between from 15- 30 minutes “observing” without using your hearing. Rely on your sight, smell, touch or taste (if appropriate). You can use earplugs or noise cancelling headphones (if you have them) to aid in diminishing your hearing. During this time try to perform several different tasks that you would normally, such as watching television (muted), or walking outside all while not using your hearing. After your observation time is over, please answer the following questions in 2-3 pages.

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