Critical Reflection paper Assignment

These responses are expected to involve critical consideration and application of course material. Simple descriptive summaries will not be sufficient for full credit.

In these responses, you may want to consider:
● Key takeaways from the week’s readings and materials
○ What are the main points and issues that you think are significant, and why? This should be more than a simple descriptive summary or outline of what was covered.
● Analysis/Critique:
○ Consider what you find convincing and effective in the materials, readings, and examples from the readings (use SHORT QUOTATIONS from the readings). What do you find compelling or useful, and why? Conversely, is there anything that you think is missing, misrepresented, or should be further considered?
○ How do you see this material or these topics playing out in concrete terms? What are the implications? Consider drawing on examples from outside of class (i.e. current events, personal experiences, etc.).
● Class AND readings
○ Your critical reflection should engage with some part of the lecture and at least two of the readings. This demonstrates that you have meaningfully engaged with the lecture and the readings.

The following is a general guideline of expectations in terms of quality of work:

● Demonstrates familiarity and engagement with the week’s materials, with direct references from relevant readings
● Extends beyond simply summarizing readings to reflect critically on the significance and implications of the material for media and society
● Draws thoughtful connections between readings, materials, and broader themes and discussions from class
● Thoughtfully considers relevance for the transformation of media and society, drawing on appropriate examples
● Well thought out with clearly articulated and developed ideas throughout
● Meets technical requirements, without excessive spelling, grammatical, or other errors

● Demonstrates familiarity and engagement with the week’s materials
● Includes some critical discussion, but mostly provides a descriptive summary of readings/materials
● Includes some thoughtful connections and examples, but does not fully develop them
● Includes numerous spelling, grammar, or other errors

C-range or below:
● Demonstrates minimal familiarity with the week’s materials
● Relies on descriptive summary of readings/material with little or no discussion
● Excessive spelling, grammatical, or other errors throughout