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June 11, 2021

For this assignment, you will use the same case selected for Unit 5 assignment and analyze the sections of the treatment plan template. This treatment plan will address both the addiction and any co-o

June 11, 2021

Quantitative assignment
Quantitative Assignment
3000 words
A report based on analyzing data from a survey at a Sports Centre.
– Evaluation and analysis of a survey undertaken on the users of a University Sports Centre
– Consider the design of the questionnaire itself
– Undertake some analysis (in SPSS) of the data set that was created by using this questionnaire
The report includes appropriate tables and graphs and a set of references. Use SPSS for data analysis.
There are 4 attachments to this report file
– The data file you will analyse (called ‘servqual.sav’)
– The questionnaire < Service Quality Questionnaire>
– Servqual into methods (to be used as the basis for your evaluation and conclusion)


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