Question 1 Jim is being treated for hypertension. Because he has a history of heart attack

Question 1

Jim is being treated for hypertension. Because he has a history of heart attack, the drug chosen is atenolol. Beta blockers treat hypertension by:

Increasing heart rate to improve cardiac output
Reducing vascular smooth muscle tone
Increasing aldosterone-mediated volume activity
Reducing aqueous humor production

Question 2

Opiates are used mainly to treat moderate to severe pain. Which of the following is NOT true about these drugs?

All opiates are scheduled drugs which require a DEA license to prescribe.
Opiates stimulate only mu receptors for the control of pain.
Most of the adverse effects of opiates are related to mu receptor stimulation.
Naloxone is an antagonist to opiates.

Question 3

When considering which cholesterol-lowering drug to prescribe, which factor determines the type and intensity of treatment?

Total LDL
Fasting HDL
Coronary artery disease risk level
Fasting total cholesterol

Question 4

Being competent in the use of information technology in clinical practice is expected in professional nurses. Advanced practice competence includes the ability to:

Search for information using the most common search engines
erve as content experts in developing, implementing, and evaluating informationsystems
rite programs to assure the integrity of health information
Use information technology to prescribe drugs

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