For doing the case study you need to respond the following 4 questions, and for required data you will use the Excel files that are attached below(you can see two files one is “question 1,2,3” will be used for questions 1, 2 and 3.)

1- Open the sheet Mc Donald: Waiting Times are very important factor in Drive-Thru ordering system. McDonald has collected the data of 362 costumers in drive-thru ordering line you can find the data set in attached file below.

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Queue Management System

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a) Construct a frequency distribution, and relative frequency for number of sandwiches was ordered by costumers.

b) What is the probability of getting order with more than 4 sandwiches?

c) Construct a histogram for Customer Waiting Time. Discuss the shape of distribution, is it symmetric or not?

d) Calculate the mean and standard deviation for customer waiting time.

e) If we suppose a Normal distribution for waiting time, what is the chance that customer wait more than 200 seconds in McDonald drive thru?

2- Open the sheet “Airplanes” then use appropriate diagram for discovering the relationship between passenger capacity and fuel consumption. Explain the result.

3-  Open the “Gasoline Prices” worksheet and then use appropriate tool for representing the price trend over the time.

Final reminder: I expect you to send me your worksheet with formulas.


Follow me in this video and you should be all set!

questions 1,2,3.xlsx questions 1,2,3.xlsx

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