Read classmates post and respond with 100 words include references:

According to our textbook, The Hemic and Lymphatic Systems subsection is 38100 through 38999 and is divided into four subheadings Spleen, General, Lymph Nodes, and Lymphatic Channels. (Buck, Saunders, 2022, p.489). The subheading can be divided further depending on the procedure performed such as incision, excision, and repair (Buck, Saunders, 2022, p.489).

The subheading General includes the codes 38207 through 38215 used for Stem cell or bone marrow procedures, can only be reported once per day, and are used to describe what steps are used to prepare, preserve, and purify stem cells and bone marrow before they are reinfused or transplanted (AMA, 2021, p. 334). The subheading Spleen includes the codes 38100 through 38200 and is also divided into excision, repair, laparoscopy, and introduction.

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