read the chapter and answer the following 9 questions

read the chapter and answer the following 9 questions


Answer Both Of These Prompts 19771563

March 6, 2021

Please read chapter 5 from the book Communicating in groups and answer the following questions :

Explain how communication creates and maintains a group through the process of structuration.
Describe the two major tasks groups must manage and how these can create an equilibrium problem for a group.
Define primary, secondary, and tertiary tension, and give examples of each. How do these tensions affect group work? How have you experienced and managed these tensions in your current group?
Describe Tuckman’s Model of Group Formation.
Describe the difference between formal and informal roles, and describe how informal roles emerge during group interaction.
Describe the three main categories of informal roles. What sort of roles do you play?
Describe the difference between rules and norms. How are norms established?
Explain what you would say or do if you wanted to change a group norm.
Describe the three components that contribute to a group’s climate

Chapter 5 is attached.
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