Read the mission, vision, and value statements . required: write two

Read the mission, vision, and value statements . required: write two


it 1 (September 21, 2020): – Understanding the Core Drivers behind Decision-Making


Walk through of course syllabus and expectations.

Lecture Understanding who you are and what your core values are.

Lecture  How does the Mission, Vision, Values have impact on decision-making.

Lecture How to write a Forum Post – four (4) essential elements

The purpose of a post is to share some insight you have about some bit of information. Sharing your thoughts are good and may result in a response from a colleague. A Forum Post is NOT a copy and paste of what you read. It is not a summary of what you have read. A good Forum Post contains four (4) essential elements:

A statement of some interesting and relevant FACT from the text (1 line)

A comment as to why this FACT is important to you – “this is important to me because.” (1 line)

What did you learn from this FACT that you want others to know?

In what way can you apply this to your own or other’s decision making?

Make sure all of these elements are included in your posts for marks.

 Activities for the week:

Reading(s):Read the Mission, Vision, and Value Statements

 Required:Write two (2) Forum posts – following the four (4) elements of a forum post – Share your personal experiences with decision-making. Based on the readings, express your opinions on what Mission, Vision, and Values means to you within decision-making.

            Due September 25 – 11:00pm.Complete the “Establishing Core Values” document. Answer the questions. 

            Submit Core Values assignment in Unit 1 – Weekly Summary drop box.                                    Due September 25 – 11:00pm. 

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