Readings: Chapter 6 in Gallagher Laver and Mair

Readings: Chapter 6 in Gallagher Laver and Mair

Answer ONE (1) of the following questions in your post:

Question #1: The authors contrast centralized and federal systems of government and discuss them in various European countries. Why do you think that federalism was not adopted in some Eastern European countries? Be specific.

Question #2: On the other hand, federalism, devolution, or decentralization has become more important in Western Europe. Why do you think this has occurred? Be specific.

Question #3: Discuss the author’s thoughts on civil service cultures. How do you see these systems as differing (or are they not that different) from bureaucracy in the United States?

Standards: The same standards (3-4 paragraph posts, attention to grammar, critical analysis rather than recitation of materials) apply to your main post this week.

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