1. Please give at least one example of descriptions of food in works by each of the following:
    Confucius, Chuang Tzu (i.e. Zhuangzi), Lao-Tzu (Laozi), and Shu Hsi (Shu Xi).
  2. Give at least one example of descriptions of food in each of the following texts: The Tso
    Commentary, Annals of Master Lu and the Elegies of Ch’u.
  3. How is Chuang-Tzu’s master cook Ting different from the butcher depicted by Chia I?
    Please upload your 1-2 page response to the above questions to Canvas in a separate Word file,
    and base your responses on “A Literary Feast: Food and Ancient Chinese Literature,” which you can
    find online under “Readings.” If you choose to write more than 2 pages, that is fine, but your
    responses should be drawn from the reading and should represent your own work.

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