ReadingsFraming History: Law and Government: Page 62 (Textbo

ReadingsFraming History: Law and Government: Page 62 (Textbo


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ReadingsFraming History: Law and Government: Page 62 (Textbook)Framing History: Patterns of Belief Page 63 (Textbook)Additional Readings1. Worrall, Simon. “Why Is Confucius Still Relevant Today? His Sound Bites Hold Up.” National Geographic, National Geographic Society, 25 Mar. 2015,2. Walter, Damien. “The Tao Te Ching by Laozi: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times.” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 27 Dec. 2013,3. Chiu, Wai Wai. “Jian Aiand the Mohist Attack of Early Confucianism.” Philosophy Compass, vol. 8, no. 5, 2013, pp. 425–437., doi:10.1111/phc3.12031.InstructionsRead the abovementioned articles and answer the Analyze and Interpret Questions.1. After a generation of contemptuous treatment and proscription, the Chinese Communist government has recently allowed the reintroduction of Confucian teaching and commentary in schools. Why do you think this has happened/ Do you think Confucius has anything to say to modern people?2.What is the relevance of Daoism today? What application of Daoist thought can you find in your own experiences? Does the paradox of saying that doors and windows can be appreciated only if one keeps in mind the walls of the house strike you as truthful?3. How was Mohism distinctive in its central doctrine? Why do you think it faded away?4. Which of the above philosophies resonates most with you? Give reasons for your views.Your Short Writing Assignment (Safe Assignment) must be typed in MLA format and composed in five paragraphs including an Introduction and Conclusion.PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY OUTSIDE SOURCES

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