real appeal only one page

real appeal only one page



March 6, 2021

Voting And Political Participation Assignment March Primary Election Turnout

March 6, 2021

this is real appeal . the course name is : CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION . the appeal is to change my grade from C+ to B or B+

.the grading policy :

1- 90% of the class based on participation

2- 10% of the class based on digestion of thr course content

my proplem is about participation i got 80 but i think i should get 85 or more in participation . because if i got 85 or more in participation i will have (B) IN THE COURSE i want write about participation . I was coming in the class and active you know write good reason

please dont write difficult word im international student (( IF YOU WRITE HARD OR DIFFICULT WORD I WILL NOT ACCEP IT


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