access_timeNovember 16, 2021


At the end of the each Module, you will be asked to complete a learning activity where you will write up to 200 words on your learnings and reflections about the key topics discussed and materials reviewed. This will help you to build your analysis throughout the subject and will form the basis of your fourth and final assessment – a reflective journal covering all of the content in the subject. In writing your reflective journal, you should consider the learning resources provided in the respective modules as well as reading more broadly on the relevant topics. Reflective analysis: ï‚· Is an academic analysis using your own opinions as well as those of others. 

ï‚· You need to critically reflect on your own thoughts and rationale, then integrate these reflections with appropriate theoretical concepts. 

ï‚· Should be written in both the first and third person.

 ï‚· May consider actions, reflections, evaluations.


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