Region and Faultlines

Region and Faultlines


This entry asks you to identify the region you live in and to think about what Robert Bone means when he discusses “faultlines.”
Start a new entry in your Final Project journal and title it: “Region and Faultlines.” Answer the following questions:
1. Which of Bone’s regions does your location fall into?
2. Please insert one photo or link to a video illustrating your answers to the question below.
(For this and future entries, remember to add the copyright information to the bottom of your image if you have not taken the photo or video yourself).
3.Consider Bone’s discussion of faultlines as sources of tension in our Canadian fabric. What evidence do you see of one or more faultlines in your location? Describe briefly (approx. 100 words) why you think one or more faultline is evident in your region.

Top of Form Entry 3: Historical Roots
Title an entry in your Final Project journal “Historical Roots” and:
1.Describe an element of the landscape that illustrates the historical geography of your region (~100 words). You may consult your textbook for ideas of where to start (in particular, see the photographs in Chapter 3).
2.Insert a photo showing evidence of the history described above. The photo should be a contemporary one that captures evidence of your region’s historical past.

Entry 4: Art and/or Literature
Title an entry in your journal “Art and/or Literature,” and share analysis about your location in terms of how it is represented in an artistic painting, literary work, or film. Identify an artistic piece, and then answer the questions below to analyze it for its representation of regional characteristics.
For your entry, please provide the following:
1.An image of the piece that you are analyzing (for a film or video, a screen capture of a shot is sufficient)
2.A title and artist name to identify the piece
3.In approximately 100 words, elaborate on how this artistic piece uses characteristics of your region.

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