relationship between the biosphere and an ecosystem

relationship between the biosphere and an ecosystem


1.What is the relationship between the biosphere and an ecosystem? Define ecosystem and provide an example of an ecosystem.
2.What does biogeography include? Describe its relationship to ecology.
3.How do plants function to link the Sun’s energy to living organisms?
4.Compare photosynthesis and respiration. How is net photosynthesis determined and what does it tell us? What is the importance of knowing the net primary productivity of an ecosystem and how much biomass an ecosystem has accumulated?
5.What are biogeochemical cycles? Name and describe two of these essential cycles.
6.What roles are played in an ecosystem by producers and consumers? Provide one example of each.
7.Describe the usual trophic relationships between producers, consumers, and detritivores in an ecosystem. What is the place of humans in a trophic system?
8.Define a community within an ecosystem.
9.What is a habitat and what is a niche?
10.Discuss three abiotic influences on the function and distribution of species and communities.
11.What is a limiting factor? How does it function to control populations of plant and animal species?
12.What is ecological succession and how does ecological succession proceed? What are the relationships between primary and secondary succession?
13.Assess the impact of climate change on natural communities and ecosystems.
14. Give some of the reasons why biodiversity infers more stable, efficient, and sustainable ecosystems.

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