In c++

Render four objects in four viewports of a single display window. (An example is provided at the end.)

  • Set the display window size to 512 by 512 pixels.
  • Show your name (or both names if you work with a partner) in the title of the display window.
    • By showing your name(s) in the title, you certify that the job is your individual work (or a fair share with your partner).
  • For each object, the clipping window coordinates are [-10, 10] by [-10, 10], and the background color is the same.
    • The background color is suggested to be (0.7, 0.7, 0.7, 1.0) in RGBA, but you can use your own background color.

The four objects are described below.

  1. Design a stipple pattern and use it to stipple a triangle with the vertices (-8, -6), (8, -6), and (0, 8).
    • You must design your own pattern.
    • You need render the triangle twice, with different colors.
  1. Draw the polar curve


  • Use a color that is apparently different from the background color.
  • Set the line width to 2.
  • Draw the xy-coordinates as a reference.
    • In a shallow color and the line width is 1.
      • The radius of the disk is 8.
      • A tick is a short line segment. For example, the tick at 1 o’clock could be a line segment connecting and.
  1. Draw a clock with a round face, 12 ticks and 3 hands.
    • The face is a round disk filled with a color different from the background.
  • The ticks are in a different color.
  • The hands point to the time 3:45.
  1. Shade the region between the curves of


over the interval [-4, 4].

  • Use GL_QUAD_STRIP to shade the region because the region is concave.
  • Use a different color to draw the curves with thick line strips.
  • As a reference, draw the xy-coordinates as well.

Each of the above four objects is rendered in a viewport that is a quarter of the entire display window. Order does not matter. Your result should be similar to the following example.


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