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Resp | Applied Sciences homework help


Topic 2 DQ 1

L. H)  Fundamentals: A (brief) Christian view of Scripture

As noted previously, we will occasionally explore some of the fundamentals of the Christian worldview in a bit more depth. Last time we looked at its central purpose for knowing God. Now, it is important to consider a bit about the Christian belief regarding Scripture – which is the primary way we can know God. This is a vast topic and we can only scratch the surface, but it is hugely important. So in this DQ there will be two different “Fundamentals” posts on it.

Christians have a high view of Scripture as God’s revelation precisely because that is what it (the Bible) claims to be (a revelation from God). There is indeed a degree of circularity to this, logically, but this is a presupposition that must be openly acknowledged and affirmed. Here are a couple reasons why.

One, as a book which interacts with particular space and time – in that it is inspired by God but written by humans at particular points in history – it is a book that can be historically verified to a degree (especially from Gen 12 or so onward and certainly in the case of the NT.) Thus, many would maintain that where it can be tested whether it is historically verifiable, it absolutely passes, and this gives confidence to trust where it cannot be tested. Second, it must be acknowledged that the Bible is hugely(!) selective in the story that it tells. It doesn’t tell us everything we want to know about various topics because its main and central message is about Jesus. Thus all other stories function to help develop the storyline for and support this main story, and it often includes only the details that are necessary to know about its main theme: Jesus. Spelling this out, the Old Testament points to the need for a Savior to put everything to right in light of sin, and hints at what his coming will look like; the New Testament then spells out his arrival and payment for sin (in the Gospels) and the new way of life for those who would follow him (Acts and the epistles). So the Bible is a story about why and how it was necessary for Jesus to come, and how someone should respond and live in light of his coming.

Have you ever thought about Scripture having a main focus like this? What thoughts do you have?

2) K.L  Re: Topic 2 DQ 2

In the eyes of Christians, God is trustworthy, compassionate, and patient. Christians can trust and believe that God has their best interests in mind and that he will not lead them astray. God understands that humans can lose their way or run into misfortune, and he always shows compassion when people turn to him for guidance. Along the same lines, God does not force his way upon humans and waits for them to come to him in their own time. These characteristics of God are so important to the Christian worldview because they set a standard for how Christians aim to act in their own lives. Since Christians believe that humans were created in God’s image, they aim to be trustworthy, compassionate, and patient, just like God, with everyone in their lives and even with those who they meet only once. These characteristics also help the Christian worldview pass the practical test because they make the worldview more livable. If God were the opposite: untrustworthy, heartless, and impatient, Christians would live more stressful lives trying to be perfect and to never upset God. This amount of pressure would not lead to a livable worldview.

3) L.C Re: Topic 2 DQ 2

There are many different attributes that God has in the view of a Christian. To a Christian, God is eternal, faithfuland loving. I find these three attributes to be the most important attributes to myself as one is not relatable and the other two are. These attributes are important to the view of Christianity as they help form the overall Christian Worldview. As a Christian believing in God means believing that God is eternal and everlasting, even as things change in the physical world God will always be present. The other two attributes are important as they are more relatable traits that do not belong only to God. God being loving and faithful sets an example for how Christian’s should live their life and are traits that should be applied to their worldview. 

4) C. A  Topic 2 DQ 2

There are so many characteristics of God that we can talk about, but I want to focus on what our reading says about God. Three characteristics of God listed in our reading is He is unchanging, all-knowing, and He is good. God is who Christians praise and follow. They worship Him because He is their creator. The characteristics of God is important to the Christian worldview because this is who they believe created the world, and also who created them. They want to follow Him and they want to live like Him because He is perfect and He is sinless. They believe that since He is all-powerful and all-knowing, He has a bigger plan for everyone and He will defeat the evil that has been made. This is their leader, and without God there would not be a Christian worldview. The characteristics of God gives Christians hope that there is good and that there is a plan for their lives.

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