Review the Financial Statements for Anthony Orchard case… 1 answer below »

Review the Financial Statements for Anthony Orchard case… 1 answer below »


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#1: Review the Anthony’s Orchard.

Our Apples:Because Anthony’s Orchard is a family run orchard, we grow every apple to be delicious and healthy for you and your family just like we would for ours. We choose only the highest-quality trees and carefully select varieties that thrive in Wenatchee Valley.Wenatchee Valley.

Anthony’s Orchard currently features:

Braeburn: These beautiful red-orange apples burst with flavors that are both sweet and crisp. One bite is all you’ll need to discover that Braeburn apples make a perfect snack for you or the kids. A hybrid descended from the Granny Smith variety, they also retain some of that apple’s signature tartness and are ideal for cooking in desserts and applesauce. Chomp or cook: perfect for both! Season: October – July

Honeycrisp: Intense flavors and unique colors combine in this versatile apple. A mix of green and red colors complement the mix of sweet and tart flavors. Although small in size, Honeycrisp lives up to its namesake with a sweet and crunchy experience waiting in every bite. The tart flavors and dense texture also work great in your favorite pies or applesauce.

All Anthony’s Orchard apple pies feature fresh and delicious Honeycrisp apples right from our orchard. Chomp or cook: perfect for both! Season: October – May

· Prepared Apple Products Just Like Mom’s:At Anthony’s Orchard, we use time-honored family recipes to make all of our apple products. The result? Simply amazing pies and applesauce made with fresh and natural ingredients. The only thing missing is mom’s oven.

· Apple Pie Filling:Treat your family to a hot, fresh apple pie without the hassle using our prepared apple pie filling. We start with our freshly picked Honeycrisp apples; wash, core, and dice them; and prepare the filling with our secret family recipe, all in our own kitchen. Available now in our orchard store and at local retailers.

· Applesauce: Hot or cold, applesauce is a year-round treat. Our Braeburn and Honeycrisp apples give just enough sweet and tart flavors for a refreshing applesauce that’s perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. Available now in our orchard store and at local retailers.

· Where to Find Our Apple Products:Anthony’s Orchard works with a several national retail outlets. Just look for our logo next time you’re in the apple aisle at your local market!

Pick Your Own Apples:Bring the whole family and pick as many apples as you can carry. The orchard is open during apple season 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. We sell all of our apple varieties by the pound. Bring your own bag and we offer a discount. Thanks to all the wonderful folks who continue visiting our Orchard. See you soon!

CSA Program, May – August:Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program is a win-win for you and for us. You get the best selection of our apples, picked and delivered weekly right to your door. And you help Anthony’s Orchard by becoming a loyal patron of our hard work.

We’ll deliver your CSA every Wednesday through our peak season, May – June for our Honeycrisp apples and July – August for our Braeburn apples. You can participate in our CSA as a full share member (for a family of four) or half share member (for a family of two):

Full share: 2 dozen per week, £10 Half share: 1 dozen per week, £5

For more information visit our store or look for a flyer at your local market

Fall Harvest Festival, October 1 – 31:Join us for our annual Fall Harvest Festival during the month of October with tricks and treats for the young and the young at heart. Take a spooktacular hayride through the orchard and over to our pumpkin patch, where you can pick out your very own future jack-o-lantern. Just watch out for our very own phantom of the orchard, old Apple Lloyd Webber!

Educational Programs:Turn our orchard into your classroom with special programs designed to enhance learning and build appreciation for farming and agriculture. Guided tours through the orchard and production facilities offer students an opportunity to learn more about where their food comes from and how it moves from the field to the market. We’ll also work with you to tailor the lessons to meet the needs of your class’ age group and your curriculum.

Welcome to the Apple Store:You’ll find plenty of our fresh apples, apple products, and other items like kitchen tools designed to help you turn apples into awesome.

Products: Fresh Braeburn and Honeycrisp apples from our orchard (available year-round) Apple pie filling Applesauce Cookbooks Apple presses, peelers, and corers Other apple merchandise

Note: exact product selection may vary.

Store Hours: 7 days a week, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m

Location: Once you arrive at the orchard, turn left and follow the road to the big red barn. Look for the red door on the right.

About Anthony’s Orchard:Anthony’s Orchards is a 3rd-generation, family-owned 6,000-acre orchard situated in Wenatchee Valley, the heart of apple producing in Washington State. Surrounded by gently rolling mountains Anthony’s Orchard has been growing apples in the valley for over 60 years. Our waterfront orchards line the region’s rushing rivers. The nutrient-rich soil and our advanced growing practices provide the right mix for producing some of the world’s top-quality apples. Washington State has been known for its apples and produces a wide variety. At Anthony’s Orchard, we have focused on two varieties of apples: Braeburn and Honeycrisp.

Mission Statement:Our mission is to continually enhance consumers’ awareness of apples and apple orchards.

Vision Statement:Our vision is to provide the best apple products and services to our customers and generate returns for our shareholders, while enhancing the wellbeing of our community.

Careers at Anthony’s Orchard:Looking for a fulfilling career in apples? It may not be the Big Apple, but in addition to a great benefits package, Anthony’s Orchard offers all the clean air and fresh fruit you could ever want.

Investor Information:Crunch into the financial information on our Investor Relations page. You’ll find the data as crisp and fresh as this morning’s harvest.

Careers at Anthony’s Orchard

Anthony’s Orchard employs about 300 year-round staff plus several hundred more during peak harvest seasons. We are currently seeking candidates for the following positions:

Retail Store Sales Manager
The Sales Manager is directly responsible for overseeing the supervision and delegation of associates and staff, managing expenses, achieving profitability goals, and overseeing the corporate merchandising, and the overall management of the retail store while overseeing customer satisfaction.

For a full job description please contact Tara Olsen in our HR Department

Lead Outside Sales Rep
The Lead Outside Sales Rep is responsible for leading and overseeing sales operations with our retail partner accounts, managing inventory logistics, and managing staff scheduling, training, and development.

For a full job description please contact Tara Olsen in our HR Department

Field Trip Leader (Community Outreach Program)
Love working with kids? We need a rock star field trip leader to provide excellent customer service to our school group guests and lead on-site learning programs.

For a full job description please contact Tara Olsen in our HR Department

Organizational Structure Executive Committee: Bob Frost, CEO Mary Scott, CFO of Finance John Daniels, SVP of Sales Samir Saeed, SVP of Operations Departmental Units: Human Resources Leonard Pulanski, Director of Human Resources Chuck West, Benefits Manager Brenda Norris, Payroll Manager Tara Olsen, Recruiting Manager Heather Mullins, Seasonal Labor Coordinator Sean Manning, Training Manager Marketing Christine Miller, Director of Marketing Darrius Mason, Marketing Manager Kat Williams, Marketing Coordinator Trevor Lewis, Market Research Analyst Evan Beam, Marketing Intern Jim Wiliams, Marketing Intern Jack Walker, Marketing Intern Bill Owens, Director of Communications Sales Director of Sales Lead Outside Sales Rep (open) Neil Faraday, Northeast US Sales Rep Max Curie, Southeast US Sales Rep Marie Planck, Central US Sales Rep Michael Bohr, Western US Sales Rep Operations & Processing Allison Sinclair, Director of Operations Ben Arshavin, Processing Manager Felicia Jennings, Processing Floor Supervisor Todd Driver, Processing Floor Supervisor Processing staff (seasonal) Retail Store Sales Manager (open) Sun Kim, Retail Sore Supervisor Taressa Johnson, Retail Store Supervisor Retail Staff (seasonal) CSA Supervisor Shaleish Gupta, Educational Programs Manager Field Trip Leader (open) Shamus McFadden, Orchard Manager Leo Richards, Orchard Supervisor Don Smith, Orchard Supervisor Mike Jones, Orchard Supervisor Raphael Zirpolo, Orchard Supervisor Orchard workers (seasonal) AJ Martin, Purchasing Manager Gabriella Nickel, Warehouse Manager Finance & Accounting Jeanine Lister, Director of Finance Pamela Kirk, Accounting Manager Scott Michaels, Accounts Payable Manager Marsha Birch, Accounts Receivable Manager Information Technology Ted Schaeffer, Director of Information Technology Bob O’Malley, Systems Manager Martin Erlich, Website Manager

Note: seasonal staffing levels vary to meet business needs

Webcasts and Presentations

Earnings calls are designed to provide disclosure and financial results for a certain reporting period. In addition, earnings calls provide transparency and can help with forecasting and planning.

Listen to the latest investor call using the media player below.

Strategic Plan & Growth Initiatives

Please see below for excerpts from our Long Term Vision and strategic planning sessions: In 2012, the Company is hoping to purchase an apple press, which would allow us to start a new line of prepared apple products – apple juice. Our plans include an estimated $95,000 net income per year and an estimated $90,000 of cash inflows per year from the new line of apple juice. We expect a 10% return on this investment. We continue to search for new orchards throughout the country so that we may diversify the types of apples we produce. While we feel that Braeburn and Honeycrisp are among the best, we understand that you the customers might like additional variety. Our 2015 revenue goal is to exceed $25 million dollars, which will involve either acquiring new orchards, or expanding our line of products.

Financial Information and Charts

· Budget Overview

· Anthony’s Orchard begins budget planning each year in August and finalized by the start of our fiscal year in October. Each departmental director, as defined by the company’s organizational structure, provides labor and materials cost forecasts. The Senior VP of Operations compiles these numbers to estimate total costs. The Senior VP of Sales forecasts sales based on fruit yield estimates from the Operations division, and the Senior VP of Finance prepares the final annual budget for approval by the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

· Anthony’s Orchard uses a FIFO accounting method to minimize crop waste. Factory overhead uses a flexible budget to respond to business demands and scale with crop yield. Variable overhead varies with the number of direct labor hours in operations areas, including processing, retail store, and harvesting.

Previous Year Financial Statement

Current Year Financial

Auditing Overview

Anthony’s Orchard has made a request to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to change their fiscal year from September to December. The request has been granted and a national accounting audit firm, Ethical and Integrity (E & I), has been engaged to provide an opinion on the financial statements ending December 2009.

Under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, Anthony’s Orchard Audit Committee, which is comprised of the Internal Auditing Department, is responsible for the oversight of the independent auditor. In addition, The Audit Committee is responsible for obtaining the appropriate input from management and considers the type and scope of work to be performed by the auditor and the audit fees associated with the audit.

The Audit Committee must comply and follow the SEC’s rules on auditor independence. Anthony’s Orchard personnel must ensure not to impair or interfere with the auditor’s independence. Personnel must not engage, in any circumstance, in services that are not permissible.

The Audit Committee has attested to the internal controls over financial reporting as of year-end, section 404.

#2: Familiarise yourself with the Anthony’s Orchard company and its current situation; this can be done by exploring each of the tabs across the top of the screen in the Anthony’s Orchard case study media. Hint: You should focus on the financial information.

Here is what the CEO says“Anthony’s Orchard is a third-generation, family-owned orchard. We’ve been in business well over 60 years, having been established in the years following World War II. Throughout our history, the company has experienced periods of tremendous growth, as well as a few very lean years. I think our longevity can be attributed to a number of factors. In agriculture, so much is dependent on production. We have always enjoyed a geographic advantage, as our orchards are located in some of the best regions in the world for growing apples. However—and I think this is vitally important to note—we have never been satisfied to rely on that single advantage alone. Historically, our corporate culture has always been one of fostering innovation to support our inherent advantages. We have repeatedly shown a willingness to invest in technology aimed at improving the quality and volume of our products. Since I joined the company in 1990, we have made it a priority to invest in technologies aimed at improving our growing practices. I think this practice has proven to be an invaluable tool in helping us address fluctuations in weather conditions, competition, and a variety of other threats to our market and our organization. We are excited about our future, and have aggressive plans for it. Among these plans is expansion into a new product line. We hope to be producing and distributing Anthony’s Orchard apple juice within the next 3 to 5 years. Ultimately, these and other strategic plans will depend on current and projected business conditions. We must remain mindful of cash flow, operating costs, and the threats associated with the natural environmental factors that affect our product line. We feel good about business conditions, but it is also very important to continually monitor those conditions and to consider them when developing and executing strategic plans.”

Exercise Questions: Review the Financial Statements: Analyse the current financial state of Anthony’s Orchard and evaluate the impact of a major customer cancelling their expected order.

This analysis should include the following: Your view of the current financial health of the company Your assessment of the materials and labour costs Your assessment of the income statement Your assessment of the cash flow statement Your assessment of each of the business units in Anthony’s Orchard C-V-P analysis of the current year’s financials

Conduct a What-If Analysis: This what-if analysis concerns an unforeseen circumstance that could impact the company’s current health as well as its future plans. A major customer is considering cancelling their order for prepared apple products. This customer accounts for 25% of the prepared apple product revenue. Evaluate the impact of this on the budgeted statements contained in the case study.


You should fully state and justify any assumptions that you choose to make in relation to the financial data you use. For example, if you make assumptions about the state of the economy or the industry over the period you cover in your analysis, be sure to state these and identify why you believe they are worth consideration here.

Be sure to include references to any sources you use as well, including external sources of economic data or industry statistics. </pclass=”msonormal”>

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