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June 8, 2021

Rhythm in the Sun: J.D. Fergusson’s depiction of the nude
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Of the four Scottish Colourists, it is John Duncan Fergusson’s admiration of the female body and rhythmic lines that have made him stand out as the most versatile and experimental. Fergusson was a
proud Scotsman but it was during time spent in Paris and in particular the South of France, among his circle of friends, which included Derain and Picasso, that he felt a true sense of artistic
->Fergusson was also a devoted admirer of les fauves, which demonstrates the influence of Matisse and Cézanne in particular with its bold linear brushstrokes and complex handling of tone and
->compare Fergusson nudes to Matisse’s ‘Dance’
-> compare to Cezanne’s nude
include pictures
->talk about Fergusson’s magazine Rhythm and his importance placed on it
-Henri Bergson’s influence on Fergussson- with the theory of an élan vital
talk about Margaret Morris- his great love and inspiration- the Margaret Morris Movement
her dance schools in south of france, which provided Fergusson with plenty of models
-> talk how he admires his own body-> exercised etc
use Kristen Simister as source for Fergusson
– use Alice Strang as a Source for Fergusson


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