Running Head: WEEK 4 DISCUSSION 1

Running Head: WEEK 4 DISCUSSION 1



Let’s continue to strengthen our ability to analyze management issues to discern the ethical implications.

In each of the  three assigned cases , a health care executive is faced with an ethical problem. In your initial six- paragraph post, explain one executive’s issue in one paragraph and your proposed solution in a second paragraph. Your post should have a total of six paragraphs (two for each case). Respond in detail to two other posts.

Read the following cases and supplemental materials in the Perry text:

· Richmond Valley Healthcare System (p. 149)

· Hurley Medical Center (p. 161)

· Baby Charlie (p. 171)


Please make an initial posting and two additional response postings. Please note that students must first post their perspectives before viewing other students’ posts. The initial and response postings must be made on two separate days and should be between 200 and 250 words. Discussion forums are meant to replicate face-to-face classroom discussion, and I have tried to make the discussions interesting by choosing topics that provoke passionate responses AND a real learning experience. 

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