SBI4U Biology

SBI4U Biology


Compare 1 meal of Wimpy’s before his transformation (burger meal) to 1 meal of his after his transformation (sub meal). For each meal (before and after), list the ingredients that were likely in his meal. Then compare the macromolecules available in each meal.

Explain how these macromolecules break down in the body for energy. Include diagrams in your description. What are the major differences between the two meals? Is the turkey sub a healthier meal when looking at the macromolecules available?

Provide some tips for Wimpy to make his meals even healthier.

2. Lactose intolerance (from unit 2, learning activity 4)


Explain to Carol what is happening in her body – what does it mean to be lactose intolerant? Explain this using biology terms and concepts learned in this unit. Why does her doctor recommend that she eats yogurt?

3. Hydration and dehydration (from unit 2, learning activity 5)


Who was correct? Ellie’s father or mother? Explain the process of getting wrinkly skin and how you know they were correct. Is what happens to skin in an ocean vs. a freshwater lake different or the same? Explain this using concepts and terms learned in this unit.

Explain using words and diagrams the structure of carbohydrates

Demonstrate understanding of monomers and polymers in carbohydrates

Explain using words and diagrams the structure of proteins

Demonstrate understanding of monomers and polymers in protein

Compare primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary structures of protein



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