Search Engine vs. Electronic Databases – 7 Questions

Search Engine vs. Electronic Databases – 7 Questions

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Please answer all questions thoroughly (i.e. more than a couple sentences). It’s important to back up your opinions by using facts and reasons, even other sources if necessary.

1. How can you test a website for credibility? (Please don’t say it has a .gov, .org, .edu domain. That no longer applies. Maybe 15 years ago, but times have changed).

2. How do you (should you) determine if something is logical? (Do not write that it just makes sense)

3. Why would someone use a Database over a Website?

4. Why would someone use a Website over a Database?

5. What are the positives and negatives of using Wikipedia? When would it be appropriate to use that site? When would it be inappropriate?

6. (Not a question) Successfully, access the ProQuest Database. Go to: http://elm4you.org/databases/ and click on ProQuest Complete Newsstand.

7. Choose a topic, (not something like Ants. Choose one that is actually something that can be researched in terms of information you would find in a newspaper, because that’s what ProQuest uses.) Search for that topic using ProQuest, then search for the same topic using Google. Describe your experience. What was your topic? Read a couple of the results for each. What were the differences in results?

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