Reviewing the HIPAA security safeguards (administrative, technical, and physical), conduct a security audit on an organization that deals with protected health information (PHI). You will need to address seven-ten elements within each safeguard (see rubric). You may use the Security Audit checklist when you complete your audit. You will stil need to summarize the results of your audit in a written report. Although conducting a security audit of a healthcare organization is preferred, you may conduct your audit at an existing place of employment, internship/practicum site, business operation, educational setting, or interview a security officer. How is confidential and private information secured? Review any policy and procedures in regard to security control in information technology. Analyze and identify any system vulnerabilities. What measures would you recommend the facility/business to make to insure information security? Report your findings in a table, outline, or typed report (approx 3-5 pg). This audit must NOT reveal the name of the business.

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