Security Planning and Management

Security Planning and Management


Write an executive report that includes the following requirements:
• the security problem under investigation
• background information about the problem
• a root cause analysis of the problem
• a description of the stakeholders
• an analysis of systems, processes, or both
• a description of the project requirements
• the data available or the data that needs to be collected to support the project
• the industry-standard methodology you used to guide and support the solution’s design and development
• deliverables associated with the design and development of the technology solution
• the strategy for implementing the solution and anticipated outcomes from the project, including phases of the rollout, details of project launch, and training plan for users
• the quality assurance plan for the solution, including formative and summative evaluation plans and plans for revision
• assessment of risks associated with the implementation
• the technology environments, tools, and any related costs, as well as the human resources, that are necessary to execute each project phase
• a projected timeline, including milestones, start and end dates, duration for each milestone, dependencies, and resources assigned to each task
• the framework that will be used to assess the success of the project and assess if the security solution meets stakeholder’s needs, including test cases and acceptance criteria

B. Design and develop a technology-supported security solution that addresses your identified business problem or organizational need.

  1. Your solution must contribute to at least one of the following major security areas:
    Cyberlaw, Regulations, and Compliance
    Leadership and Professionalism
    Security Planning and Management
    Systems Security

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