Sensory detail memoir | English homework help

Sensory detail memoir | English homework help


Descriptive words can go a long way in creating an experience for a reader. Things such as the sense of smell and taste are also closely tied in with memory, and will often evoke memories for both the author and readers alike. For this first assignment, you are going to pick either a place, such as a garden, or a thing, such as a particular food, and describe it and your memories surrounding it. There is going to be a lot of emphasis put on descriptive writing (since it’s a necessary skill to have in general), so make sure you describe the focus in excruciating detail. In addition, describe the memories you have with the topic and why they are so significant to you. 

​This is, first and foremost, a memoir. The writing needs to focus on you, your experiences, and your thoughts surrounding the topic. Make sure you include why this topic is significant to you, rather than just listing off characteristics. Have a point to the whole thing, and be sure to follow the narrative arc. There ought to be some type of tension or complication to help to give the memoir a purpose.

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