Similarities and differences between two distinct sources of writing

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Information Comparison Paper
As a health care practitioner, you will encounter patients, clients, and others who ask questions about treatments and conditions. They will also frequently refer to research studies they have heard about. Sometimes these studies are peer-reviewed articles and other times, they are not.
For this project, you will put yourself in the position of both the patient/client, and the health care practitioner.
Write a paper comparing the similarities and differences between two distinct sources of writing. You are going to use the sources that you used for the “Good Source vs. Bad Source” paper as a starting point for your topic.
You must also supplement your arguments with 3 additional sources, 2 of which must be additional peer-reviewed articles. Your 3rd additional source can be another “Bad Source” article or peer-reviewed. It is up to you.
When writing this paper – please address the following:
1. How does an argument (topic) change or differ between the different sources?
2. What are the effects, implications, or significance of these changes?
3. How do the different sources address their audience? Who is their audience?
4. How does the audience consume or access the information?
5. How do the authors of different sources present similar information?
This paper must be at least 3 pages double spaced but no more than 5 full pages of content. This does not include the title page or reference page. All references used should be cited using APA style formatting.
You should focus on the way in which the articles are written/presented and the arguments presented.