small essay 8 | Nursing Term Papers

small essay 8 | Nursing Term Papers


Use Inference and Extrapolation to Answer Questions about a Social Sciences Text

March 6, 2021

Module 1 Written Assignment Compare And Contrast Two Mental Health Theories

March 6, 2021

Watch https://www.pbs.org/video/frontline-generation/

Write 2 pages

Generation Like

You finished watching the PBS video: Generation Like please answer the questions.

You can submit your responses to the questions and upload to the assignment using this form. You have to answer all six questions.

  • Explain what “Likening” someone’s post on Facebook mean? Does it impact future customer buying behavior (think of YELP)?
  • Does knowing others “Like” what you “Like” influence you? Explain.
  • Explain how marketing Oreo along with a current issue helped the sale of Oreo.
  • How do companies use social media to advertise?
  • How are marketers using social media to build ‘brand “trust
  • How do celebrities use social media to advertise? ( think about Kim Kardashian)
  • 1.5 spacing and 11pt font


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