Sociological Imagination – academic acers

Sociological Imagination – academic acers


This activity allows you to continue practicing sociological research using subjects concerning population and urbanization. The assignment must be completed in three steps as presented below. You must post an initial response to the first part of the assignment before commenting on a post from someone else.

STEP 1: Search for a recent news article (within the past three weeks) related to population grown or decline, emigration, immigration, gentrification, or the brain drain.

STEP 2: Post the article you found, along with a summary and brief analysis of the article. Next, tie the article into concepts from this module by thinking about if using the sociological imagination. What are your thoughts on the topic? Post your response in at least 200 words.

For more information on Sociological Imagination read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sociological_imagination

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