To explore your interest in a particular sport figure or sport-related figure and apply the concepts covered in class you will write a biography. You must focus on a well known figure. Your biography should cover the following:

  • A brief discussion of the person’s non-sport background.
  • A brief discussion of the person’s sport background.
  • What is this person’s defining moment or moments (e.g., hitting a buzzer beater, a “walk-off” home run, choking, etc.)?
  • What is this person best known for? (i.e. leadership, off-court problems/behavior, being a “clutch” player, etc)?
  • Who admires this person? Why? Do you?
  • Identify and discuss, in depth, at least 3 major concepts from the text and tell how the person illustrated or illustrates each concept.

As you do research for your biography you will be reading books, doing web research, and so on. Anytime that you are including material in your report that you gleaned from another sources you need to cite that source in the text of your paper and include a reference page where you tell how someone who is reading your paper can find the source that you used. Any time you use information from another source you must put that information in your own words and cite them. To get full credit, you must provide a thorough analysis of the three course concepts you identified and how the subject of your paper demonstrates those concepts. Your Biography must be 5-7 double-spaced pages and follow the current APA (7th ed) formatting guidelines. You may find the current APA Guidelines by clicking on the “Course Resources” tab in the lefthand navigation menu.


60 points

Brief, relevant discussion of the subjects background is included. Defining moments and best known for qualities are clearly related to the three textbook concepts chosen. Admirable qualities are thoroughly discussed, both in general and specific to the writer. Three distinct major concepts from the textbook are identified and discussed. Relevant and robust examples of how this person illustrated all three concepts are provided.

30 points

Authoritative, engaging, cogent, logical, sophisticated tone

60 points

Specific, concrete, detailed discussion throughout. Facts about the persons life and career are presented accurately. Content meets all requirements and is comprehensive.

30 points

Coherent, focused. Orients the reader by introducing the subject. Provides clear direction and intent. Concludes effectively.

20 points

Varied and often sophisticated sentence structure, avoiding monotony; mastery of the conventions of Standard English with FEW or NO errors in mechanics, usage, and spelling. FEW to NO errors in current APA style guidelines

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