Staffing ( task 7)

Staffing ( task 7)

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For this task, from the scenario and data provided, provide answers to questions on choosing entrants into a management training program.

  • Review scenario for the task (in Important Documents folder)
    • Watch video:

  • Read Chapters 11 and 12 in the textbook for discussion

  • Complete Task Decision Making Assignment
  • See Important Documents for Template

Remember: All writing must be supported by academic literature and will be in APA format during this course. You must cite each sentence in which you used materials from your academic literature. Your work will be checked for academic integrity by the Turnitin system. For a great breakdown of academic literature, please visit: https://www.lib.unb.ca/research/success/understanding.php

Do not use Wikipedia, Ask.com, Articlebase, businessdictionary.com, eHow, smallbusiness.chron.com, slideshare, referenceforbusiness.com, or term paper websites. From time-to-time, the professor may point out other sources that are not reliable academic sources.

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