Most nights are clear here in Colorado, at least for a portion of the night. In part 1, we’ll use cellphone or computer apps to explore the constellations visible
to us, and to capture screenshots of those objects. In part 2, we’ll choose one of those constellations to explore stars.
Part 1:
(For this first part, you’ll need your cellphone or laptop, or access to a computer for visualizing the constellations. These apps are usually free with ads, or
paid with no ads, so please be aware of this.)
Procedure: Choose one of the apps below and install on your cellphone, laptop, or computer. These apps have been recommended by various, trustworthy
sources, and should not cause any problems; however, to be cautious, I recommend that you delete the apps after completing this Discussion, if you wish.
Android Apps (via Play Store) Apple/Iphone Apps (via App Store)
Skyview Skyview
SkEye (watch the spelling) Night Sky
Sky Map SkySafari
*If you’re using a laptop or PC, please search for these apps or similar apps in their Windows or Mac formats.*
These apps are all similar in nature, and use your location to display the night sky above your location. These apps will vary in their appearance, even the
same app on different platforms can have different user interfaces. Nevertheless, take some time to get familiar with how the app you chose operates in
order to complete the Discussion.
Open up the app of your choice and let it find you using your phone’s location. Use the screen to view your night sky. View as many constellations as you can.
Narrow down the constellations to 2 that you would like to discuss here.
Do a screen-capture of 2 constellations.
Once you have chosen your 2 constellations, you can finish the Discussion using your cellphone, laptop, or pc to find information on those for Part 2.
Part 2:
For each of the constellations you chose, find the following information on each and include with your Discussion post:
What stars are found in the constellations,
Their characteristics, their planets if any, and
Their distances from Earth.
Please use Citing Your Sources Tutorial from the CCCOnline Library, if you do not know the rules for referencing.
You must post first in order to view other students’ posts for replies.
You should post two response posts that focus on the points that your peer makes — especially those points where you agree or (respectfully!) disagree.
Don’t just respond to the first post you see, read through the offerings looking for those that catch your eye or interest; then talk about that in your response