Steps of How Health Legislation is Made

Read the link How a Bill Becomes Law to understand the steps of how health legislation is made.

To achieve the goals of the course, you will be required to complete a policy paper (5-7 pages) and brief (2-4pages) for a total of (7-11 pages not including references) that does the following:

  1. Defines and articulate the significance of challenges facing the U.S. healthcare system associated with access to care, costs, and quality related to the Bill being analyzed.
  2. Understands and cites reliable source materials and presentations and provides a well written summary and appropriate sourcing for these facts and statistics related to the Bill being analyzed.
  3. Provides an alternative recommendation to address the selected problem in the U.S. healthcare system that is clearly articulated and easy to understand. This recommendation should include how specifically the recommendation will do one or more of the following, 1. Control costs, Improve quality, or Revolutionize delivery of health care related to the Bill being analyzed.
  4. Discusses at least one ethical concern and how it might be addressed related to the Bill being analyzed.

**********The paper will be scored on the following:

  1. Completeness – Does the paper include all of the elements required
  2. Writing Style and Grammar – Does the paper clearly communicate without errors your content
  3. Organization – Does the paper demonstrate clear organization
  4. Originality – Does the paper demonstrate your own original word
  5. Reflection and Analysis – Does the paper show you have researched and thought through the issue and provided a clear rationale for your recommendations
  6. Timeliness – was the paper submitted on time and in the correct format.