Stereotypes among the African American Community.

Stereotypes among the African American Community.

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The topic that I will be discussing in my MSA 604 paper, will be coming from Chapter 3 of the text book: Personal and Social Barriers to Success. My focus is going to be on the subject of stereotypes among the African American community. As we all know stereotypes are a part of our lives. Some people may experience them more than others however we all encounter them. Sources that I will be using for this paper will include the MSA 604 textbook, google scholar, and references from my local library.


Each of the 5 papers must include the following:

  • Title Page. The title should be descriptive and suggest the paper’s purpose
  • Table of Contents
  • Contain an introduction, body of paper, and conclusion.
  • Appendices (if applicable):
  • Reference List (every citation, in the Text, must be correctly listed in the Reference List) The References in the back of this Syllabus are in correct A.P.A. Format! There must be 6 to 10 scholarly references per paper.
  • If you have more than one Table, a List of Tables Page follows the Table of Contents
  • If you have more than one Figure, a List of Figures Page follows the Table of Contents or the List of Tables Page (if there is a List of Tables Page).

Students must follow the most recent edition of the A.P.A. Publication Manual, when submitting the papers required for this course.


  • a. Blank page
  • b. Executive Summary
  • c. Title Page
  • d. Table of Contents
  • e. List of Tables (optional)
  • f. List of Figures (optional)
  • g. The Text
  • h. References
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