Business Strategy
Final Paper-A Strategic Analysis of Spirit Airlines
For all Tables or Charts import from the website provided by the TEXTBOOK

Read the Spirit Airlines Case in the etext (pp. 484-491). Then, prepare a comprehensive “strategic” case analysis similar (but amended to only include the sections below) to the sample case analysis project provided at the author’s website at In preparing an in-depth case analysis, read and review all notes and chapters in the textbook. This entire paper (all three papers) must be at least four pages single-spaced with exhibits and references. This is not an outline but a written research paper.

There are three papers to be submitted, each with different due dates. Paper one includes points 1-5. Paper two contains points 6-8 (with corrections from the first paper), and the final paper has points 9-10 (with corrections from the first and second papers). Each of the points is discussed in class and in the etext. Thus, you must be familiar with the concepts. No other research is needed. However, if you do outside research on Spirit Airlines, it must be from the case date -2018. You cannot combine data from other years for this paper.

Paper 1 includes the following information (Due 10/10):

1. Introduction: Include a short history, the current financial situation and include competitors
2. Vision Statement: Present the firm’s vision statement.
3. Mission Statement: Present the firm’s mission statement.
4. EFE Matrix: Include ten external opportunities and ten external threats.
5. CPM: Include the firm and two rival firms compared across 8 to 10 key variables

Paper 2 includes the following information with corrections for Paper 1(Due 11/21):

6. Recent Income Statement and Balance Sheets-explain key information.
7. IFE Matrix: Include ten strengths and ten weaknesses.
8. SWOT Analysis: Include four SO, WO, ST, WT strategies (16 total) and make sure the strategies are specific so you can reasonably estimate a cost (dollar value)

Paper 3: Include all revisions from Papers 1 and 2 (Due 12/12):

9. Grand Strategy Matrix: Include the focal firm and two rival firms in your matrix.
10. Recommendations: Select four and explain the rationale for your selection.