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9238Associated Reading
Rundio, A., & Wilson, V. (2015). The Doctor of Nursing Practice and the nurse executive role. Wolters Kluwer.
* Chapter 9: Strategic Management for the Nurse Executive
* Chapter 10: Defining and Developing Self-Awareness in the Nurse Leader
* Chapter 15: Teambuilding: Insights, Strategies, and Tools
Sherwood, G., & Barnsteiner, J. H. (2017). Quality and safety in nursing: A competency approach to improving outcomes (2nd ed.). Wiley Blackwell.
* Chapter 1: Driving Forces for Quality and Safety: Changing Mindsets to Improve Health Care
* Chapter 2: Policy Implications Driving National Quality and Safety Initiatives
* Chapter 3: A National Initiative: Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN)
* Chapter 5: Teamwork and Collaboration
* Chapter 17: Global Perspectives on Quality and Safety
Discussion: Strategic Management and Leader Innovation
The purpose of this discussion is to explore strategic management strategies and successful leadership skills. The U.S. healthcare delivery system is complex and rapidly changing. The DNP-prepared nurse faces many challenges and opportunities to impact positive change in healthcare organizations.
Reflect upon your readings and professional experience regarding strategic management and innovation and address the following.
1. Examine ways that a DNP-prepared nurse can be more involved in strategic management decisions.
2. Explore initiatives and/or strategies that the DNP-prepared nurse can employ to build a culture of quality and safety.
Reference should be 3 scholarly article less than 5 years old
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