“petition the government for redress of grievances”

June 3, 2021

intellectual response 2 irp 2 it should be 1000 1200 words no plagiarism no grammar typos excellent english 1

June 11, 2021

Though Beowulf and “Dream of the Rood” were written or written down by authors who were almost certainly Christian, they exhibit syncretism, the mixing of, in this case, Christian and Anglo‐Saxon pagan elements.
In an essay of 1,000‐1,400 words, analyze three specific examples of syncretism that you identify in these works, and discuss how the ideals of Christianity and Anglo‐Saxon paganism seem to be mixed in these works. 
Identify and define specific values and ideals you consider to be Christian, and talk abouthow those values relate to the statements and actions described in the two poems.


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