In this assignment, you will be using Tableau to demonstrate your ability to create data charts and dashboards. Instructions and requirements for the project
are described in detail below.
There are various tools available for data visualization that help in presenting the visualizations in a very simple manner. Tableau is one of the fastestgrowing data visualization tools and is used throughout the BI industry. This software provides the most efficient way to change or transform the raw data
into an easily understandable format.
Why Tableau is the most popular Data Visualization tool?
Tableau is popular because it allows users to analyze data quickly by means of dashboards and worksheets. Tableau enables us to make dashboards that
give actionable insights and spread business intelligence faster. Tableau products are always operated in virtualized environments if they are configured with
proper hardware and operating system.
Visit this site to download your free 14-day trial of Tableau:
Visit this site to view your data source (World Bank CO2.xlsx):
You will load data into Tableau and create charts and dashboards using the steps below for the data visualization portion of the assignment (from the
Tableau Public Website ( You will be required to provide screenshots and instructional notes to document
your work for each of the steps listed below:
2. Connecting to Excel and Text Files
11. Creating Your First Chart
15. Adding Interactivity to Dashboards
16. Dashboard Formatting
17. Creating Stories
ISM475 – Data Visualization and Reporting
Write a 500-word minimum, APA-formatted report that includes the addresses the following three questions and your answers to them:
How can using Data Visualization for Business Intelligence increase profit?
How can an organization analyze customer behavior using Business Intelligence?
How can organizations predict success or failure using Business Intelligence?
Notes to keep in mind:
In addition to using the course book (Chapter 3) and PowerPoints for instruction on Tableau, be sure to view the free videos on the Tableau website
Submit the charts and dashboards with your report.
Prepare a quality, substantive paper that addresses the objectives of the assignment and the expectations set forth in the grading rubric.
A minimum of 500 words excluding the title page and references is required.
Use APA style: Refer to APA Resources and the Online Writing Center resources in Academic Resources (see SC College Resources Links) for guidance on
writing style and page and citation formatting.
A minimum of two (2) sources credible evidence in addition to course resources that have been published within the past 5 years is required.
Screenshots of charts and dashboards are to be submitted with your paper.

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