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June 5, 2021

Task A. Answer three (3) of the following learning objectives (~300 words)
1. Describe memory and outline the model of human information processing.
2. Describe sensory information store (aka sensory registers/memory) and short term memory.
3. Outline the major types of long term memory. What are mnemonic devices and how can students make studying (for exams) more efficient?
4. Explain why people forget.
Task B: Online activity with specific questions to be answered (~200 words)
There are three memory games listed below. Play each of them and report your data. Then explain how each of these games explains/illustrates that aspect of memory. [About 70 words per memory task]
1. Sensory information store [iconic memory] –
2. Short term memory –
3. Long term memory – Eyewitness testimony
Task C. Either describe the most interesting/surprising aspect of the chapter or apply (or explain) some aspect of this material to your life (or your future work life). (~100 words)


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