Final Assignment

Please answer the following questions:

1. Congratulations! You have been hired at a company in the IT career field of your choosing (choose any IT career you would like to pursue). Your first day, there is a PC desktop waiting for you with Windows 7. However, your manager tells you he/she will order you an additional new device as well as peripherals. What equipment do you ask your manager to order? Justify to your manager your choice, being sure to include the following information:

• Do you request a new desktop, laptop, or tablet? How will this choice help you perform your job duties in your career field?
• What OS should the device have? What factors would dictate the OS you would choose?
• What other factors would you take into account for hardware/software for your device? How would you connect to company resources? Will you be working remotely frequently and what do you have to take into account from practical and security standpoint?
• What software would you request be installed by the IT department?
• Would you ask for Administrative access to your device? Why or why not?

2. Assume you are assisting a small non-profit Historical Society manage their information technology. They have two physical servers, both are 9 years old and currently run the Windows Server 2008r2 OS (which reached End of Life January 14, 2020 – which means security and feature updates will no longer be released). One server has proprietary database software that is not supported to run on anything newer than 2008r2 but houses vital information on the Historical Society’s collection. The other server is a file server for the office. They manually backup their data to a USB hard drive once a week. What recommendations would you make to this non-profit regarding, be sure to address the following questions

• Should they buy two new servers to replace the old or look into other options (Cloud, Virtualization, Online Collaboration Tools, Purchase Extended Support)?
• What are the possible solutions to the database software which will not run on a new Windows OS?
• What are the implications to the method they use to do data backups? What would you suggest they do going forward?
• What are the security risks to keeping the setup as is, versus your recommendation? List both with your mitigation strategies.
• Estimate the costs for your recommendation.

3. Describe four different ways you can keep your information secure as an individual.