Test Scores and Basic Statistics

In Week 2, you selected three standardized tests from one category that have relevance to your academic and professional goals or a related profession. Your Week 2 assignment focused on the purpose, contents and constructs assessed, norms, and required training of psychological tests. For this assignment, you will complete a deeper analysis of the technical quality of your three selected tests by focusing on reliability and validity evidence. To complete this assignment, you will draw upon the knowledge you gained in Weeks 3 and 4 about psychometrics in general and reliability and validity in particular.

For this assignment, use the three tests you selected for your assignment in Week 2. Locate and summarize a minimum of two articles related to the technical qualities for each selected test. You are encouraged to use the PSY7610 Library Research Guide to assist your search.

For each article:

  • List the APA reference for each journal article (a minimum of six).
  • Identify if the article addresses reliability or validity.
  • Discuss if the article addresses sources of error variance, reliability estimates, evidence of validity, or bias and fairness.
  • Identify the specific type of reliability or validity (for example, test-retest reliability, predictive validity, etc.).
  • Identify the overall results of the research, including any psychometric or statistical outcome.


The three standardized tests from Week 2

  • (1) Intelligence/cognitive abilities.
  • (2) Achievement/aptitude.
  • (3) Personality.
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