the consensus forecasting process (CFP)

the consensus forecasting process (CFP)


1. Before the redesign project, what factors, processes and behaviors led to the planning problems?

2. Based on the description of planning system before the Redesign Project which function is most culpable for the planning problems in FY 2002? In FY 2004?

3. Briefly describe the consensus forecasting process (CFP) used at Leitax.  Explain how this forecasting process fits in the overall planning process.

4. Describe what performance improvements followed this process redesign.  What overall benefits can be attributed to the consensus forecasting process and how are these benefits achieved?

5. Based on the description in the text and the evidence in Exhibits 6 and 9, what went wrong with the SF6000 introduction?

6. What happened with the ShootXL/Optix-R? Why did it happen?

7. What recommendations can you offer for maintaining and improving the process?

Helpful hints:

1. Use the data in the case to create a flow diagram of the Consensus Forecasting Process.

2. Use data in Exhibits 6-9 to objectively characterize forecast performance.

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