The Difference Between Law Enforcement And Order-Maintenance

The Difference Between Law Enforcement And Order-Maintenance


Feel free to use quotes from either text, but limit all direct quotations to two sentences per source. All quotations must be cited, please use in-text last name, year,l page number citations.

Construction of a convincing argument, use of evidence from the texts and other sources, responding to all questions asked by the rubric!

Logical and understandable organization, grammar, and spelling, and use of proper citations (any format)

Step 1. Read Peter Moskos “Cop in the Hood” and consider the following questions:

What is Moskos’ experience with the effectiveness of modern Urban American policing in deterring crime?

What does Moskos believe is the effect of the 911 system?

What factors affect an officer’s decision of whether or not to arrest, according to Moskos?

What does Moskos believe is the effect of law enforcement’s “war on drugs”, has it been successful? What other alternatives does he consider? What kind of policing does he propose?

Step 2. Read Wilson and Kelling’s 1982 article “Broken Windows” and consider the following questions What role do norms, particularly local norms play in the author’s argument about policing and public order?

What role can foot patrol play in addressing local resident’s concerns?

What role does social disorder play in the creation of a crimogenic environment?

By whose standards should police activity be shaped?

What is the difference between law enforcement and order-maintenance?

What types of interventions do the authors explicitly suggest in their article?

What impact has this argument had on modern policing and the criminal justice system? Consider the advantages and disadvantages of their theories for modern policing.

Step 3. Read Michael D. White. “The New York City Police Department, its Crime-Control Strategies and Organizational Changes, 1970-2009”

How has the NYPD Changed in the decades between 1970 and 2009 and why?

What factors in the department and in the city shaped and influenced the organization, its philosophy, structure and crime-control strategies in the NYPD?

What was the program of Commissioner Lee Brown?

What was the key operational innovation of William Bratton?

How did 9/11 change the NYPD?

Listen to “Reply All The Crime Machine Part I and II



Step 5.

Using the above sources, explain how elements of Moskos’ arguments as well as Wilson and Kelling’s have influenced the NYPD.

In your opinion what factors accounted for the crime decrease in New York City since the 1990’s? (Zimring)

What has been the net effect of “CompStat” on police behavior in NYC? Did CompStat lead to stop and frisk? Is it possible to have CompStat and accountable policing without having over-policing or an increase in crime?

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