The Effects Occupational Health And Safety Legislation Has Had On Employer And Employee Behaviour

The Effects Occupational Health And Safety Legislation Has Had On Employer And Employee Behaviour


Assignment 6: Effective Employee and Labour Relations (10%)

Part A: Occupational Health and Safety Legislation (20 marks)

Write a two-page report, approximately 500 words, discussing the effects occupational health and safety legislation has had on employer and employee behaviour.

Part B: Work-Life Balance in the Workplace (25 marks)

Develop a work-life balance handbook. Justify why the services and programs you have included in your handbook are ideal. Be sure to review the benefits plan you developed earlier when creating this document.

Your handbook should be a maximum of three pages, which is approximately 750 words.

Part C: Labour-Management Relations (20 marks)

James has worked for CN Rail for 16 years. His collective agreement states the following:

Employees must submit their vacation allocation by April 1 each year. Vacations will be allocated on the basis of seniority.

On June 10, James submitted his vacation request, and his leave was denied because Sam, a more junior employee, had already booked that day off. James is thinking about filing a grievance because he claims that “nobody gets their forms in on time around here.”

Mr. Carlton, James’s manager, calls you, the human resources consultant, for advice and assistance.

Provide advice to Mr. Carlton about what the steps in the grievance process are, and how he should work towards resolving the situation. Your response should be two to three pages, which is approximately 500–750 words.

Part D: Managing Employee Separations (25 marks)

You have worked through the entire staffing and performance management process during this course. Sometimes, despite our best efforts in providing feedback and coaching, managers make the difficult decision to terminate the employment of an individual.

Consider the performance feedback you delivered in Module 3. After several months the employee’s performance did not improve. Prepare to terminate the employment of this individual.

Create a checklist of things that you will need to prepare prior to the termination; as well, prepare a termination script, which outlines how that meeting will occur.

Work through your script with a family member or friend, noting how the process was similar or different from what you anticipated.

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