The Etiology For Albinism

The Etiology For Albinism


Choose one of the following diseases and answer the following questions:

What is the etiology for this disease? Who primarily gets it and why? 15 points

How is this disease diagnosed and what are the necessary laboratory findings specific to this disease? Please include blood work, radiology and necessary clinical tools for proper diagnosis in the medical community? 10 points
Are there any significant signs and symptoms common to this disease? Are there similar disease’s that might get confused with this disease? Compare how you would rule in or out the difference’s between the different diseases similar to this one? You must write this in essay format and then you can include a grid for compare and contrast. 25 points
Is there a genetic component to this disease? And what is the likelihood that it will be inherited? 10points
How is this disease commonly treated in the medical community and what is the prognosis after treatment? 15 points

1. PKU

2. Albinism

3. Hypercholesterolemia

4. Gaucher’s Disease

5. Tay-Sachs Disease


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