The Impact Of D-Day On Bedford And America

The Impact Of D-Day On Bedford And America


Write a well-written 5-6 page book analysis of Alex Kershaw’s The Bedford Boys. The review must be typed, double-spaced, 11 pt., and in Courier New. Book reviews should be concise and stress the book’s interpretation and include a critical evaluation.

Use a Chicago Manual Style book citation at the top of the page plus an appropriate title block. Please see paper format document. When footnoting use style sheet.

In addition, you must submit a set of books notes. Please take notes on each chapter. You can take a few bullet points notes for each chapter. Taking these notes will help you write you book review. I will not grade your paper without a set of notes. These notes will be part of your grade.

A. What was the book’s thesis?
B. What is your critical evaluation?
C. Evaluate sources.

Major Questions to consider:

1. How well does he describe the experiences of the soldiers and citizens of Bedford during the war and especially surrounding D-Day?

2. What sources does he use to write his story? Are they good sources?

3. What does Kershaw say about the impact of D-Day on Bedford and America?

4. What is the meaning of generational sacrifice?

5. What is the meaning of historical memory?

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