The Importance Of Teaching A Liberal Arts Education At Hostos

The Importance Of Teaching A Liberal Arts Education At Hostos


Paper’s Prompt:

Write a 5-paragraph typed essay (double spaced) on the importance of teaching a liberal arts education at Hostos. It will be titled Liberal Arts at Hostos.

Begin with an introductory paragraph describing the usefulness of a liberal arts education and outlining some of the reasons why a CUNY community college like Hostos should provide its students with that kind of education.

In the following paragraphs, you should discuss at least 3 of the following topics:

The struggles to adjust to the first-year college experience;
The value of a Liberal Arts education for individuals and society;
How studying Liberal Arts can help students in the current job market;
The struggles to provide quality education at the CUNY system and Hostos;
What kind of education you expect to get from Hostos.
Each topic you selected will be a separate body paragraph. In each of these body paragraphs, you should discuss your views about the topic, explain how specific ideas in the texts we read influenced, changed or deepened your thinking on each topic. In discussing these topics, you should make reference to at least 2 readings from the Unit.

Your fifth and final paragraph is your conclusion. In your conclusion, discuss how you envision or see your own educational future. What goals do you have for your future education? How do you plan to continue your efforts to educate yourself? How does Hostos Community College fit in your plans? Be as specific as possible.

Format’s Requirements:

Following APA Format, your paper should include: title page, abstract (with keywords), essay, and references. Write the abstract and keywords after you have finished the essay.


Follow the APA Format
The total extension for the 5 paragraphs of the essay is 2 or 3 pages (double spaced) – THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE TITLE PAGE, THE ABSTRACT, AND THE LAST PAGE FOR REFERENCES.
You can upload a .doc, .docx, or a PDF document.
Content, structure, and language will be evaluated. This assignment is worth a maximum of 20 points.

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