English: The Internet and Social Media: There must must be citations from all four sources
MLA format
No summarizing the sources it must be based on your own personal opinion

Nicholas Carr in his essay “Is Google Making Up Stupid?” argues that the internet, and more specifically Google, is slowly causing his brain to disconnect.  He claims that spending significant time online has altered his cognitive processes so that he is distracted, inattentive, and suffering from memory loss.  The Social Dilemma presents another form of loss, a loss of freedom.  The docudrama discusses the ways that individuals are being manipulated by social media companies and are suffering various forms of addiction and depression.  Through the lens of Carr or Orlowski one can explore the ways that the Internet has significantly altered human existence, to point that in Sweden people are putting chips under their skin, which shows how Negroponte’s biotechnology is already being practiced.For your paper, discuss the concept of the Internet/Web, AI, biotechnology and/or social media and its impact on human existence.  Do you believe that AI and the Internet will cause a destruction to human society or a revolution to human society?  What do you predict will (or is) occur(ing) to human interaction? Are humans negatively affected by our access to “one big giant machine… the most perfect machine ever built by man” (Kelly) or does the Internet allow us to become better humans based on our access to “artificial intelligence… which would understand exactly what you wanted and give you the right thing” (Brin)? Do you believe, like Negroponte that the Internet should be a human right and free for everyone in the world?