The Key Concepts Of Workplace Discrimination

The Key Concepts Of Workplace Discrimination


Essay -Interviews

You may act as if you interviewed someone. Instructions are below.


· Define the matrix perspective to the historical foundations of economic inequality.

· Identify historical and contemporary inequality in Education.

For this essay you are to again teach information that you have learned to your family and/or friends and get their feedback on what you have taught them. Here are your instructions:

1. Explain the key concepts of workplace discrimination to 3 family members or 3 friends (or any combination of family and friends) in an interview setting (you can interview them all at once or conduct separate interviews). I must see evidence that you understand these concepts and taught them to your family members.

2. Then ask your interviewees if they are surprised about the information they learned and how they feel about what they learned? Have they ever thought that workplace discrimination could still be a problem in today’s world?

3. Finally, ask them if they have ever experienced workplace discrimination because of race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual identity, sexual orientation? What did the discrimination consist of? If they have not experienced discrimination directly, have they ever seen instances of it in places they have worked?

You will not be graded on what they say, just on following the instructions of the assignment.Many of you will not do your interviews face to face but perhaps you could do phone interviews or Face Time or Skype on your interviews. Make sure to write down their answers in paragraph format and meet the essay guidelines; 3 pages, double spaced, 12 font, 1 inch margins.

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